Meet the Featured Poet: Jill Winkowski

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Meet the Featured Poet: Jill Winkowski

May 25, 2016 | admin | Featured Poets

Jill Winkowski will be performing and teaching at the Little River Poetry Festival!

Jill Winkowski is a poet, short story writer, journalist, and yoga teacher. While in the Hague in the 1990s, Jill was editor and feature writer for Going Dutch, an expatriate magazine, and ran The Rounded Moon, a monthly literary evening. She was a freelance reporter with the Daily Press in the 2000s and has led a number of fiction and poetry workshops in the Hampton Roads area.

From the archives…

Integral Yoga: Crow

The center of you
Hangs from a bone fulcrum
As you caw a warning
Something about a storm
And the way particles drift

I listen, but what I really want
Is to hang with you
In that tottering asana
Our bones approaching equilibrium

And our centers
They hold


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The Little River Poetry Festival is a retreat for poets to enjoy the beauty and scenery of Floyd, Virginia for a weekend in June.

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