Meet the Featured Poet: James Bane

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Meet the Featured Poet: James Bane

May 31, 2016 | admin | Featured Poets

James Bane will be performing at the Little River Poetry Festival!

James Bane was born in Washington DC. His mother is a chef and his father is a DJ, providing him with a electric love of genres since childhood. Comic books captured his attention in 3rd grade and English quickly became his favorite subject. He moved to Newport News after elementary school where he discovered a love of history. Bane began going to spoken word events and poetry readings on October 3, 2013, which is also his birthday. He has been hooked ever since.

From the archives…

I tend to wake up at night… Bewildered, perched aside surreal cliffs.

Gargoyle-taloned questions over clouded cities. Bukowskied beer googles for 3rd iris retinal protection.
Reflections of emotion <CLAP> squashed & shooed away in a swarm of gnats.

Melancholy mood darkening, as eyes look over tombstones of my forgotten thoughts, freestyles & drunken epiphanies… Clichéd moments of clarity. Tears for a lost renaissance.

Salvador Dali/Miles Davis conversations at the Juilliard speakeasy over libation. Incense in the metallic hands of robotic witchdoctors…

I am that 1957 Plymouth Fury piston moving.

Coffee steaming after percolation.

August Landmesser’s hands to his side as burning flesh billows from smokestacks in the horizon.

Impotent Nebraskan soil in the hands of dust-bowled ranchers.

Viscosity changing in the wine glasses of 2 unfaithful lovers.

Stained glass windows atop of abandoned Detroit cathedrals.

Evicted villages deserted for World Cup fanfare.

Bloody serrations on primal knives after tribal scarification.

Church hats resting on heads of tongue-speaking Deaconesses.

Crumbled remains of God’s nose shot down from the Sphinx.

That sinister smell of indigenous blood under conquistador’s feet.

Federico Lorca’s last cry for help, while soldiers drag him at gunpoint.

A poem,

Written through the lineage of Gaia’s progeny.


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The Little River Poetry Festival is a retreat for poets to enjoy the beauty and scenery of Floyd, Virginia for a weekend in June.

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