Meet the Featured Poet: Star LaBranche!

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Meet the Featured Poet: Star LaBranche!

Meet the Featured Poet: Star LaBranche!

May 31, 2017 | admin | Featured Poets

Who is Star LaBranche?

Star LaBranche is a content marketing specialist who will soon reside in Virginia Beach. Bringing new a brand new chapbook, Wake Me When It’s Over, she is the first featured reader of the Little River Poetry Festival. Known for her brutal confessional style of poetry, her latest work questions identity, belonging, and time. With strong themes of mental illness and the reality of living with disability, holding back is something she is not familiar with.

An Excerpt of Her Work


the craving sits deep in my belly
it reaches up with tendrils of incense and teases
the roots take hold in my brain
where there is simply so much to grab onto
it anchors itself there as if it is wanted, as if it belongs
as if someone invited it in
it gives orders from its cushion of cerebrum
“I want this, give me that, bring me this item here”
and when it find something it really likes…

everything else in the world evaporates
moving through life is sleep walking
counting the time until I’m there
the moments are marked as either satisfied or unsatisfied
and no one inside me seems to notice
just how unsatisfied I am most of the time
because there is no focusing on anything other
than whatever it is I want
it’s hands that become claws which strike the earth
as if my passion alone could move the mountains that obstruct me
but what obstructs me is reality and my claws are no match for that

the craving begins deep in my belly
but moves all over my form
it turns me into something else and says I asked it to
one day I will stop reasoning with it
when I figure out I am the hostage, not the negotiator

All photography by Samantha Searles Photography.


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