Meet Featured Poet Derek Kannemeyer

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Meet Featured Poet Derek Kannemeyer

Meet Featured Poet Derek Kannemeyer

June 9, 2018 | admin | Featured Poets

We here at the Little River Poetry Festival are delighted to welcome poet Derek Kannemeyer as a featured reader at this year’s festival! Here’s a little bit more about him before you hear him read.


Derek Kannemeyer’s writing has appeared in Fiction International, The New Virginia Review, Rattapallax, Smartish Pace, Rolling Stone, and many other places. His 2018 publications include a light verse collection (An Alphabestiary), a chapbook (Blue Nib #1, featuring his winning poems from Blue Nib’s inaugural chapbook contest), and pieces in Ancient Paths, the Bacopa Literary Review, Aethlon, Chaleur, and the River City anthology Lingering in the Margins.


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The Little River Poetry Festival is a retreat for poets to enjoy the beauty and scenery of Floyd, Virginia for a weekend in June.

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