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Poetry Tips for Beginners: How to Get Started Now

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If you’re a writer looking for poetry tips, welcome to this Little River Poetry Fest blog post! Use the following to help begin your adventure into poetry:

Read, Read, Read

One of the best ways to get started as an absolute beginner is to immerse yourself in the genre. If you think you’d like the classics, try works by Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, or John Keats. If something a little more recent sounds interesting, try masterworks from Rupi Kaur, Maya Angelou, or Pablo Neruda. Sometimes just reading a wide swath of celebrated works can light the fire in your heart you need to write your own pieces.

Figure Out the Rules

If you read the pieces above, you probably noticed that many seem completely different from each other! There’s a lot of different types of poetry, and while many seasoned poets will tell you the rules of poetry are more like guidelines, it’s still a good idea to test out the bounds of the poetry you want to write. Check out this post from the Academy of American Poets with articles on 19 different forms of poetry!

Don’t Fence Yourself In

While it can be a good idea to work within the bounds of poetry’s many forms, there’s no reason you need to feel constrained when it comes to your subject. Poetry doesn’t have to be about nature, feelings, or epic loves. Anything you can imagine that can be captured in writing can be poetry. For examples of poetry with unconventional subjects, read a few pieces by Shel Silverstein or Chaucer.

Be Gentle, Young Poet

When all is said and done, even those celebrated poets with a knack for turning out beloved verses did not become legends overnight. The artistic process is full of scrapes and spills, and is more like a lifetime well lived than a single journey with an ultimate destination. Give yourself time and space to experiment with new forms, write what moves you, and explore this whole new branch of creativity without spending too much time worry about the “right” way to write. Every step forward, no matter how shaky or small, is still progress.


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Poetry Tips from Poets: How to Improve Your Writing

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So you want to write poetry. It might seem simple. Just throw some rhymes together and hope for the best. But poetry can be an incredibly complicated exercise in not only saying what you want to say but ensuring your audience understands your message. Here are some quick and simple poetry tips for making your writing stronger and improving your poetry.

Don’t Expect Your Audience to Read Your Mind

Many beginning poets think that throwing flowery language around with some obscure symbols that they understand but no one else does is a great way to write a poem. When you see pieces like this:

you never cared about my placard,
you always formed opinions on roast beef without asking me first

The reader has no idea what’s going on in these lines. The narrator seems upset about someone not eliciting their opinions and caring about things that are important to them, but roast beef and placards? What do those objects mean within this poem? How is the audience to know?

Don’t Make Each Poem an Epic Length

Sometimes saying what you need to say in as few words as possible is the most difficult form of poetry at all. Other poems need to be longer to accommodate a story or more complex ideas. But being able to edit your poem and prune back the phrases and lines that are already established can strengthen your work and keep your audience enraptured. When it comes to open mics and readings, no audience members wants to sit through a 30 minute poem that simply says the same thing over and over again.

Don’t Assume You Know Everything there is about Poetry

Simply put: you don’t. No one does. Never stop attending lectures, workshops, readings, and hitting your local library for new poetry books by a variety of authors. Nothing is more disheartening to see than someone who has great potential decide they don’t need to hone their craft.

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