Meet the Featured Poet: Judith Stevens

Judith Stevens is one of the founders of Little River Poetry Festival. She will be reading and conducting a workshop!

Judith Stevens has been writing poetry since the second grade. Her poems have been published in the former “Piedmont Literary Review Magazine,” the “Randolph-Macon College Magazine,” ” The Association for Research & Enlightenment Journal,” ” Venture Inward” and other publications. She was a winner in the first “Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education International Memoir Competition,” and met her poet-husband, Jack Callan, at a poetry reading.

Together, she and Jack host poetry gatherings at local museums, farmers’ markets and hold a monthly poetry salon in their home. They delight in visiting local schools and colleges, sharing their joy of the written word with others. Judith started a weekly Creative Writing Group at the senior retirement community, First Colonial Inn, where she and Jack can be found each Thursday, writing and reading poetry with their friends, whose average age is eighty-seven.

From the archives…

Dancing With Deer by Judith Stevens
(Written on the banks of The Little River in Floyd, Virginia)

We rise – pitch-black night –
whose only light a translucent hunters’ moon,
and a blanket of stars F L U N G across the Autumn sky –
come to the quiet meadow in early morning hours,

set up our chairs by the river.

In mountain’s moon-shadow
we await the deer and dawn.

It is so still – so cold – there are no words:
the only sound, an unbroken chuckle –
water burbling over rocks – chasing itself downstream.

Leaving our chairs, we approach the car, open windows,
allow new sounds to merge with night:
cello spills like rich dark molasses onto the road; violin and bass embroider the edges;
“Appalachian Waltz” floods the darkness –

music magnified by mountains.

Grateful for warmth, we move into each other’s arms.
‘Round and ’round we turn,

letting the music fill us and the night.

While in the darkened meadow,
though we cannot see them – shy creatures that they are –
we know the deer, too, are dancing!

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Featured Poet: Judith Stevens

  1. This sounds so appropriate and timely my mouth smiled all by itself, reading about the event.
    I want to know when the next one is scheduled as soon as I can, to make sure I can come.
    I am in a workshop that week and I really cannot attend.
    Will there be a way to get a recording or the text of the event or, at least, of the featured speakers, afterwards?
    Maybe, publish it in print for 6 months then archive it and sell re-distributions 6 months later?
    I bet other people might like that, too.

    I realize there might be reasons why not, but, I have to ask.
    This sounds like its going to be a wonderful series!

    1. Hello!

      I will be doing some videography of the Festival. I’m hoping to capture the very best moments of Little River Poetry Festival. Keep checking the website for updates.

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