Poetry Fuel: Food During the Little River Poetry Festival

Check out the amazing spread Chef Richard Perry is catering for the Little River Poetry Festival!


Dinner: $20 per person
Grilled Mojo-Herb Chicken (chafer)
Hot Smoked Salmon with dill-caper-red onion crème fraiche (cold)
Lemon Grass-Coconut Milk Rice (chafer)

Cold Salads
Buckwheat Tabbouleh
Seaweed Salad
Baby Lettuces
Kale Slaw with sesame oil
Fresh Fruit Salad with Mint and Sorghum
Homemade Tiramisu (no raw eggs)


Breakfast: $10
Frittatas (Hot in chafer)
Vegetarian with fresh garden vegetables, local cheese, one with sausage/bacon
Coffee Breads, Muffins, Scones
Fresh Fruit Salad

Lunch: $15
Assorted Sandwich Meats (turkey, beef, pork; cooked in-house)
and Sliced Cheeses
Fresh Breads
Our Remoulade Sauce, Mustard, Lettuces, Pickles, sliced Tomatoes
Tomato-lemon Basil Gazpacho
Apple/Pear/Raisin and Walnut Salad with Honey and Fresh Yogurt
Carrot-Cucumber-Sweet Onion w/ Fresh Basil, Olive Oil and Cider Vin.

Dinner: $20
Coconut-Cashew Mahi-Mahi with Brown Butter Rum Sauce
Smoked Cider Cured Whole Chicken smoked tomato vinaigrette (cut up for service)
Saffron-Tarragon Rice with Sweet Peas
Sweet Potato Soufflé
Sesame Green Beans with “Our Log” Shiitake Mushrooms
Grilled Vegetables Lasagna
Made with our homemade pasta & ricotta cheese, fresh tomato sauce, fresh herbs

Apple-Peach-Berry Cobbler with whipped Cream


Breakfast: $10
Wild Mushroom, Leek and Apple Strudel
Mini Fruit Muffins
Asparagus-Bacon-Tomato-Dill Asiago
Fresh Fruit

Lunch: $15
Fried Herbed Chicken Fingers
Shrimp and Asparagus Salad
Spiced Pickled Beets with Oranges
Scallion-Herbed Potato Salad
Our Fermented Vegetable Slaw
Fresh Fruit Salad
Triple Chocolate Cake

Menu items are subject to change. For more information on Richard Perry, check out his website.